Nana Frema: My ‘wahala’ after cosmetic surgery

Nana Frema: My ‘wahala’ after cosmetic surgery

The rising music star, Nana Frema opened the details regarding her liposuction. According to her, she went under the knife for only reasons: to improve her body and second to glow her career. She said she is expecting that surgery will provide her better job opportunity.

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Read her statement as below:

“You know when I went to work on my body, it was because of the name-calling, which at a point got me depressed and I thought going for surgery would work. It did because I’m now comfortable with who I am, I can wear what I want and all that but with my career especially, it has not helped, I am not satisfied. I feel it is because I came out to say that indeed I had worked on my body. The movie roles are not coming, the singing gigs are not coming and I sometimes feel I shouldn’t have come out, I think it has worked against me.”

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Nana Frema further in an interview added that a fat body also affected her romantic relation. She added that her boyfriend’s friends used to laugh at her. Frema said Ghanaians criticized her decision but she never blamed them because their minds are still not developed.

“Interestingly, men like ladies with big butts, some even pay for their girlfriends to go and do it, even pastors pay for their wives but I guess they do not like that when it’s in the public like mine. When asked if she had any regrets going under the knife, she said no, “I wouldn’t say I regret it because it increased my self-esteem and gave me the confidence that I wanted but it is just the other side that I lack.”

Source: Ghana Live TV