‘I Live By The Microphone By The Grace Of God’ – Sister Mary aka Anointing

‘I Live By The Microphone By The Grace Of God’ – Sister Mary aka Anointing

Naturally gifted with such a powerful voice and a great sense of humour, Sister Mary is a such a dynamic eemce (MC) and a great singer based in Accra.

Like every professional, Sister Mary also lives by what she does.

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Following her closing for over a decade now and seeing her doing her “thing” with such energy and enthusiasm OdelasPlus.Com on a phone converstaion tried to find out from her the main drive behind what she does.

These were her words for us: “I love what I do. I enjoy what I do. I live by the microphone by the grace of God.”

Her fan kept wondering whether she ever had a bad day because they never caught her in a bad mood  whether on show or anywhere out there in town.

When we asked her about the secret of her joy and always smiling look this is what she told us: “Naturally I’m a jovial person and besides the joy of the Lord is my strength. Life is short. I dont want to cut mine shorter.” And again she laughed…

If you have not met Sister Mary yet and would like to, kindly book her for  your next party or event and we promised you you will doubtlessly enjoy watching and listening to her doing her “thing” and would surely like to watch and listen to her over and over.

To book her kindly call or WhatsApp her on +233 276337029 or  email her on maryaddy633@gmail.com

Her Facebook handle is @anointedeventservices

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