100-year-old woman to be honoured for giving house to church to begin 1st service

100-year-old woman to be honoured for giving house to church to begin 1st service

  • Madam Mary Kwame will be honoured by the Apostolic Church, Adenta branch on October 27, 2019
  • The 100-year-old woman made her residence available to the church to begin its first service at her house
  • Adjourni was captured in a video full of excitement in anticipation of Sunday’s ceremony

With old age, comes rich memories from one’s life experiences and after living a century-old, Madam Mary Kwame, better as Adjourni, certainly has more than little nuggets of wisdom to share.

Despite having lost all her children except one surviving daughter, the 100-year-old woman lives everyday in bliss and continues to remain grateful for the little things in her life.

Adjourni, currently lives at Adenta in Accra and shares a room with a granddaughter.

Despite her fragility, she still climbs the huge Adenta bridge at Barrier all by herself to attend church service at the Apostolic Church, also in the same vicinity.

The Apostolic Church remains grateful to Adjourni because their first gathering started in her house.

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A close relative, Elsie, tells YEN.com.gh that Adjourni made her house available in the early days of the church for the first service to be held there.

”We’ve asked her to wait for someone to take her, but at least once a month, if she does not get any help, she will make sure she goes for communion,” Elsie revealed.

Elsie explained ‘she is always grateful for every little thing and starts dancing once you give her something.

And who couldn’t love such an adorable persona with years of experience and wisdom to impart.

“She is actually more than 100. We only stopped counting at 100,” Elsie confirms.

Adjourni would be honoured on Sunday, October 27, 2019, during the 30th anniversary of the Apostolic Church, Adenta branch, in recognition of her services and major contribution to the church.

The church has already provided Adjourni with a large piece of cloth to style herself for Sunday’s ceremony.

She couldn’t hold her excitement when the seamstress showed up to take her measurement to begin works on her outfit for Sunday.

Adjourni was captured in a video full of joy, dancing and singing praise songs to God.

Source: YEN